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Making paperwork a thing from the past! The future of your business, in your pocket.
Records, communication, appointments, compliance, payments and more. Everything lives inside the app.

Seamlessly connect with your clients over the app and keep all of your business in one easy to find place.

Whether your an Equine/Canine Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Osteopath, Body Worker, Rehab Specialist, Saddle Fitter, Farrier, Bit Fitter, Canine Hydrotherapy Specialist, an Equine Dentist or even if you treat humans too, then Equigate is for you! We have profiles suitable for any service provider.


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Introducing Equigate

Equigate is an app that takes care of all your business admin for you meaning you can spend more time doing what you are qualified and paid to do, rather than all the boring, time consuming admin that none of us like doing. It’s like having your own PA in your pocket! With effortless bookings, secure payments, direct messaging, instant and dependable reports plus many other features. Equigate provides reliability, structure and efficiency allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Whether you’re a full time farrier seeing 10 horses a day or a newly qualified body worker, there is a plan for everyone to ensure maximum affordability.

One App, 2 profiles, connecting professionals to their clients for seamless connectivity.

Free for Clients, trusted by Professionals

Assisting you from client to client

Centralised messaging & Scheduling

Your clients download the app too and create their own profile. They even create their own animals meaning your onboarding needs are all taken care of, BOOM!

All of your messaging is done with your clients over the app, so gone are the days of wasting time searching across different platforms to find messages. You know where to message clients, and more importantly, they know where to message you.

You book your appointments with a centralised calendar that can be synced with yours and your clients phone. Automated reminders appear as notification banners on your clients phone, time to wave goodbye to missed or forgotten appointments.

Record on the go

Secure Records

Easy to use record keeping, muscular and skeletal anatomy diagram mark up that will make your clients WOW, photo upload and the ability dictate all of your notes which is an absolute game changer! You can also record voice notes too which really saves time at each appointment.

No more driving around with a boot full of paperwork making you a literal rolling GDPR breech. Your data is secure with full bank level encryption so there is no risk of misplacing any confidential client information or letting someone get their hands on something they shouldn’t.

Fast and secure payments

Payments & Invoicing

Equigate takes care of all your invoicing too, meaning no extra fees for accounting software. Choose to get paid by cash or bank transfer and easily and quickly reconcile payments in a flash. Or choose to accept card payments and the app will automatically reconcile these payments for you. Your clients can link a debit or credit card to their profile so you can seamlessly receive payments at the click of a button. No more waiting for invoices to be paid.

Effortlessly view any unpaid invoices and send payment reminders that appear as notification banners on your clients phone with one click. We’ve got you covered when it comes to exporting your invoicing data too as you can export everything directly onto a formatted spreadsheet for you to send to your accountant.

Professional dashboard for more control

Admin made easy

We’ve created a dashboard for professionals that can be accessed on any device – PC, Mac or tablets are best. Here you have read-only access to your clients list, a full screen diary showing past and upcoming appointments and a list of all your invoices. These are all easily exportable directly onto spreadsheets or PDF’s.

Admin days are made easy with your phone in one hand, and your mouse in the other. Take control of your business, give admin the boot and gain back that work life balance you deserve.

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All Equine & Canine Professionals Welcome

We’ve made a profile for everyone, with tailored areas specific to your profession.


Muscular and skeletal equine and canine anatomy diagrams with the ability to digitally mark up


Teeth mapping diagram with digital mark up facility

Farriers & Saddle Fitters

Increased photo upload capability for before and after photos

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